Sunday, 27 June 2010

Fun in the sun, harvesting & BBQ 4th July 2010

With the temperatures soaring today, only a few braved the allotments.

However some did find a novel way to cool down - hitch a ride in dad's wheelbarrow!

Nikki also had a good morning harvesting her delicious strawberries! Yummy

Remember that Sunday the 4th July 2010 is BBQ day
12noon until 2pm
Please RSVP to Nigel so he can cater for all that want to attend

 This is from the Newsletter emailed to all our members in early June

Site Representative

Your Site Representative is Carl Brown, Plots 10A and 46A. Tel: 020 8770 9760


Sunday - 4th July, 2010 - Noon until 2pm

On Sunday 4th July our friends from the Roundshaw Allotments will be retuning a visit we made to them last year at which we will be having a Barbeque to which ALL our members and their friends are invited. Admission is free and refreshments will be at very reasonable prices.

This will be an ideal opportunity for gardeners, allotment and otherwise, to meet and swap tips, tell tall stories and generally boast about their prowess with the hoe and spade.

It is hoped that as many plot holders will be present to support the Committee and make the event a success.

· The Trading Hut will be open and members of the committee will be present to answer questions, to listen to suggestions and to receive offers of support.

Visitors will be welcome to inspect the site but it is requested that you keep to the main tracks and pathways.

· Children Your children and young people are welcome at our allotments where we hope they will learn to appreciate the joys of cultivation and the wonder of watching a tiny seed develop into a beautiful flower or something tasty to eat but PLEASE remember allotments are not playgrounds and can be dangerous places. Children are not allowed on the site unsupervised and when with you please make sure that they always stay on, or close to, your plot.

Final Reminder
Sunday 4th July, 2010

12 Noon to 2pm
Bring your family and friends

Remember! If you have a garden you need
The Stanley Road Allotment & Garden Society

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Taps / Saving Water

Don’t waste a drop

When watering on the allotment could everybody be conscious about water usage and wastage.

Hosepipes can be used but must be held at all times.

Sprinklers spikes and bars are not to be used.

Please ensure all taps are turned off fully.

Demand is high at the moment, so please be aware of other plot holders needs.

Any leaks should be reported to the Site Rep.