Saturday, 17 April 2010

Spring has Sprung at SRAGS

The sun was out, and so were the allotment plot holders!

I decided to have a little walk around the site and take some photos of the happy people digging, potting, reading, tea supping & simply enjoying the good weather, the plane free skies and the fresh air!

Rebecca and her space hopper with Mum & Dad in the background planting potatoes

Michael working hard (as always) on 121a

Making a protective frame

Weeding the Strawberries

What a perfect plot!

Number 82 standing on guard

Plot Holder 56a reading up on pear tree pests!!

Mr & Mrs digging away - together!

Plot 109 having a cuppa

Sifting the soil is hard work in this sun!

A young allotmenteer helping with the weeding

A young family working the plot together in the good weather. 

It was very encouraging to see so many people out and about today.  Lets hope that this great weather continues and more plots are cultivated!

However, please do not be lured into a false sense of security - we are still getting a slight morning frost, so if you do plant out young plants / seedlings remember to protect them with a horticulture fleece or a poly tunnel cloche - all available from the TRADING HUT  - only £2 a year - yes only £2 a year to benefit from huge savings and a friendly smile with every shop!!