Friday, 15 May 2009


(under 16’s & available to allotment plot holders only)

Categories are:

· Largest Pumpkin – measuring around the circumference (middle bit at widest part)

· Tallest Sunflower (From top to base)
· Biggest Marrow (the judges will decide!)

· Best Scarecrow (male or female) – must be more than 3ft in height

Judging will take place on Sunday 27th September 2009 at 2pm
All entries must be available for viewing by the Judges on Saturday 26th September 2009 on the members plot & clearly marked with entrant’s name
There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize for each category including a trophy for each 1st prize awarded

1st Prize – Trophy & £15 Gift Voucher
2nd Prize - £10 Gift Voucher
3rd Prize - £5 Gift Voucher

Closing date for entries – 31st July 2009
Competition Rules
The SRAGS Children’s Competition (under 16’s) open to Allotment Gardeners Children only as entries will be judged on site / plots
These are the following 5 Categories –
(you can enter as little or as many as you wish)
· Largest Pumpkin (measuring around the circumference the middle bit at widest part)
· Tallest Sunflower (From top to base)
· Biggest Marrow (the judges will decide!)
· Best Scarecrow (male or female) – must be more than 3ft in height
1.The decision of the judges and committee must be accepted as final.
2. The committee cannot be held responsible for any accident, loss or damage to exhibitors, spectators or their entries howsoever caused.
3. ALL ENTRIES must available to the judges for viewing on members plots on Saturday 26th September 2009.
4. ALL ENTRIES must be grown by the named child on the entry form and grown on site & plot stated
5. ALL ENTRIES must be available on the members plot (as per entry form) at the time of judging for inspection / measuring / photographs (which may be used on the website or the blog)
6. All entry’s must be clearly marked with child’s name e.g. Sally’s Pumpkin & Peter’s Scarecrow (as there may be more than one child from the same family taking part)
7. All entrants must be there in person at the presentation of prizes on Sunday 27th September 2009 from 2pm onwards to receive their prize. Failure to do will result in the prizes being withheld.
8. All entrants’ parents must be members of the Stanley Road Allotment & Garden Society
9. Cups / trophies to be held for one year only

Saturday, 9 May 2009

BONFIRES - What you need to know

Bonfires - What you need to Know

Although it is not illegal to have a bonfire, it is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to cause a statutory nuisance. This includes smoke, fumes or gases “emitted from premises so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance” and can include nuisance created by bonfires.

In addition, allowing smoke to drift over nearby roads may also lead to prosecution under the Highways Act.

So, before you light a bonfire, please consider whether there are other ways of disposing of the material e.g. by composting it or by taking it to the Council’s recycling facility at Kimpton Road. This would remove the risk of neighbour complaints.

If, however, you decide to have a bonfire, please observe these simple guidelines:

  • Show consideration for the neighbours in the surrounding properties. Ideally, let them know when there is going to be a fire.
  • Avoid burning at the weekend and on bank holidays when people are more likely to be in their gardens. Choose a suitable week-day evening after 6.30pm.
  • Avoid lighting up in unsuitable weather conditions. Smoke hangs in the air on damp, still days and in the evening.
  • Avoid burning when the wind will carry the smoke over roads or into other people’s property.
  • Only burn dry material. Never burn household rubbish, rubber or anything containing plastics, foam or paint.
  • Never use old engine oil, methylated spirits or petrol to light the fire or to encourage it.
  • Do not light fires near a boundary fence or near sheds. Remember sheds may contain petrol and other highly combustible materials.
  • Never, never leave a fire unattended or to smoulder.
  • Before you leave the site, douse out the fire with water. Don’t take a chance that it might rain overnight or that the fire will burn itself out. It might not and residents from a nearby property might mistakenly call the fire brigade on a false errand.

Let’s avoid this situation.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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