Sunday, 27 September 2009

SRAGS Childrens Competition Winners!

It was 2pm on Sunday the 27th of September & the excitement was building!
So much so that at 1 minute past 2 o'clock, the judges were reminded that the
prize giving was running late!

Most of the children who had entered, all those months ago, were waiting in the September sunshine for the results of all their hard work.

There were to be prizes for the following catagories:

Tallest Sunflower
In 3rd Place was Oliver Swettenham - Plot 122a

In 2nd Place
Harry Rogers - Plot 101a

And in 1st place
Ella Rogers - Plot 101a who grew a 10ft 10inch Sunflower!

The next catagory was the Biggest Marrow and in 3rd Place was
Daniel Connew - Plot 131

 In 2nd place Emily Graham
in 1st place Amy Graham who managed a really fat 2ft in length marrow!
Both from plot 110

Amy (left) & Emily (right)

Next was the biggest Pumpkin

In 3rd Place was Amy Graham
In 2nd Place - Emily Graham (see picture above)


with a whopper of a 42 inch cirumference pumpkin was
Daniel Connew - Plot 131

Daniel proudly holding his prize trophy and gift voucher!

Last but by no means least was the Scarecrow entry.

Timmy Murhpy - Plot 144a won 3rd place

with his laid back scarecrow lounging on a swing

Gina Hazel from plot 110 got 2nd place with this entry

However 1st Prize was won by Joe Bonard from plot 113 with his Scarecrow,
who was considered by an independant outsider to be the scariest of them all......

This Scarecrow certainly scares me everytime I am working on my plot 121 which is quite close to 113!

So it was a great effort by all the children that entered and we hope that they will already be thinking of ways to get into the top 3 ready for next years competition!

Well done to you all

Some of the Prize Winners

A collage of the entries

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Shed Break In's

On Tuesday night (15th September) a number of sheds on site were broken into and some were severely damaged.

If you have been a victim, even if no damage has been done or nothing taken it should still be reported to the police, ideally in person at Wallington Police Station and a Crime Reference Number obtained.

The non urgent police number is 0300 123 1212.

However if the event is reported a Crime Number must be obtained. This is unlikely to lead to any startling arrests but it will at least flag up in the police records, that we are having problems, forcing them, we hope, to increase surveillance.